Friday, 26 August 2011

Happy Days Gone Mad

    When happy days run like the wind and you don't realise they pass...

    How is this possible? In happy times the clock runs like it's been chased by a maniac! But in sad and depressed times the clock is like in slow motion! Wish I had a remote control and in sad times I'd press the fast forward, so that they wouldn't last forever, and in happy times I'd press the pause so that I could live them for longer!
     And what would happen if I lose that remote control? Happy Days Gone Mad! There will not be any balance and I would go insane! How intriguing...  I could cause so much pain to the people who hurt me the most in the first place! It would be like my own revenge! Hurt them and make them feel like I felt...
     But I am a complete coward to do any of these even with such a remote control in my hands... Maybe I would press the slow motion when we talk or hugged so that I could live it for longer and again and again! 'Cause this is who I am! A hopeless romantic girl with no chance of winning your heart!

Sunshine Lover

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